Serbian Dating Culture

serbian dating culture
Oct 09 2019

Dating in Serbia is exciting and confusing, but we know all the secrets of this dating and below you are wondering about it.

Serbian Dating Etiquette

If you’ve ever dated a Serbian woman then you probably know that people from this country are very, very datable. There is a unique charm in all Eastern European countries, but it is unique in Serbian brides. It’s all about their softness, black eyes, smooth hair, and good shapes. It’s not possible to single out one of their features, so below you can find a list of their best features.

  • kindness
  • warm
  • loving
  • beautiful
  • sincere

Is Serbian Dating Like European?

Geographically Serbia is in Europe, but if you expect casual hookups, or sex on a first date like in movies because Europeans always expect a lack of morality, then you will be surprised. Dating a Serbian girl is very classic and traditional. They are not for one night, but they are great for future wives. Dating in Serbia is completely different from what is common in Europe. If a girl has given you a chance, it means that you are approaching her standards of the ideal partner for a long-term relationship.

You may be intimidated by the prospect of a long-term relationship, but that’s okay. None of the men think about getting married on a first date, but chances are that she’ll think about it. In order to impress your bride from Serbia, you need to know a few things.

Qualities She Expects

First, you have to be honest. You don’t have to lie to your future bride especially about your features that aren’t really true. These women know how to tell lies and as soon as the bride sees at least a little bit of white lie then she will leave you no chance. And as a bonus, you will be in one of the stories she tells her girlfriends about another modern boyfriend.

Also, you should not show that you are a leader on the first dates. Yes, Serbia is conservative in its views on Serbian dating rules, but this is only a first date. If the bride sees that you are immediately forcing her to do something, in particular, force her to go to date then she will definitely refuse you. Can you suggest to them like “Would you like to meet me tonight at a restaurant?” instead of “I’m waiting for you at this cafe tonight.” You have to understand this difference and then after a few dates, you will be the leader in your relationship.

The bride also seeks stability in dealing with a foreign man. Usually, this is not a problem because all Western men are able to make money and their financial standing is always stable. You can call her materialistic, but no woman wants to meet a broke guy. Of course, you don’t have to be a millionaire. All you need is a stable job that impresses her. If you are still a student but promising then she will also appreciate you. Living without any aspirations, this is probably the worst thing in dating a Serbian girl.

Be Interested in Her Culture

Lifehack which 100% will help you in dating in Serbia is more interest in her culture. Eastern Europe is a complicated place, especially for traditions and history. People here are more attached to national values than in Europe. Don’t forget that war is a very recent reality for these people. They will try to show you all the benefits of their country and what they are proud of. You do not need any historical or political knowledge of Serbia if you want to impress these women.

In fact, the less you know the better. You ask her many questions – what are the best places to see, the most delicious food, the phrases that every tourist needs to know. A very funny way to break the ice is to ask bad words. You make her laugh through your accent and swearing-in Serbian is amazingly satisfying too.

Meeting People on the Streets

Everyone has different experiences here, but in my opinion, Eastern Europe is not the best place for dating in Serbia on the street. On the one hand, this is not very common because people in Serbia have their own business and very rarely will find friends outside their social circle. If you decide to speak to a random girl on the street, then you may be refused. But on the other hand, Serbian women are completely different because they are much more feminine and delicate than normal Western European women.

They won’t argue with you unless you are truly provoked her. If you approach a girl in a cafe or on the street, it is likely that she will smile at you, start a conversation with you for a few minutes and immediately disappear as soon as the opportunity arises. You may even have managed to get her phone number, but that doesn’t mean she answers all calls and messages.

How to Meet Serbian Women

If you remember earlier mentioned that people only communicate with their social circle, there are some exceptions. In general, there are three ways of dating a Serbian girl. Club hookups are as popular in Serbia as in other European countries. There are two types of clubs the turbo-folk and the top 40-style places. Turbo-folk is for those who love contemporary music, wear the most fashionable clothes and show off their wealth. Other clubs are the same as all over the world. A little hip hop, Beyoncé and maybe rock. At such a disco, women are interested in foreign men and will be glad to meet you.


Serbian dating culture is similar to the dating culture of other Eastern European countries. If you are from Western Europe, it will be a bit unusual for you to follow all the traditions, but it adds exciting feels to your dating experience.

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