Dating Serbian Women

serbian women dating
Oct 09 2019

They are tall, dark and sexy. This is the first impression of those who met Serbian girls for the first time. Once you arrive on the Serbian soil you will be able to see for yourself. Women of different nationalities are usually very different, but it is very easy to recognize a Slavic girl among them because of her appearance. Serbia has a long history because it was because of its conflicts with Europe that World War I was caused. After World War II, this country began to belong to Yugoslavia. There have been many Turks, Slavs, and Muslims in the country for many years, which has had a huge impact on modern dating there.

Their Language

Serbian ladies speak Serbian, which is a south Slavic language that is the same as Croatian and Montenegrin. Unlike the Croats who use the Latin alphabet, the Serbs use Cyrillic, so if you do not know the language of Cyrillic, then you need to learn how it is written and all the letters. It is very simple and does not take much time.

If you know Russian, then you can easily read any text in Serbian. But you will not be able to understand what they are saying. They say if a person knows any Slavic language then it will take 1 to 3 months to learn Serbian.

But if you are an English speaking person, then you will not have any problems dating a Serbian woman. If you want to meet a bride over 35, there will be a minimum of 1000 English words and expressions in her dictionary. But if you want to date a young Serbian bride, then you can speak English fluently with her.

Features of Single Serbian Women

In this paragraph, you can learn more about the basic features of single Serbian women. They include:

  • kind
  • family-lovers
  • no sex on the first date
  • smart
  • easy to meet


It seems that the more you go to the southern part of Europe, the more women adhere to the traditions of dating, North European women from countries such as Sweden and Denmark are honestly very easy to sleep with men on a first date. On the other hand, the Balkans is the place of the most traditional women in Europe. Traditional means you can’t just fly in there, meet the bride on the way home from the airport and have sex with her in a few hours. It doesn’t work that way. This is not America with its no-strings-attached culture.

Traditional means that you will meet one of the Serbian girls, invite her for a few dates, spend a lot of time together, walk a few times and learn a lot about each other before starting any relationship, sexual or other. You need more time to get her attention. These girls know that sex on a first date shows their easy behavior and accessibility.


You need weeks and months instead of days and weeks in other countries to have a relationship with a Serbian woman. Women from Serbia, like other women from the Balkans, very rarely agree to have sex on a first date, because you should at least see her several times before.


The very good news is that these women are very faithful unlike women from America and Western Europe. Dating Serbian women is very nice but you just have to have a little patience but it’s worth it. Serbs are some of the tallest people in the world on a par with Lithuanians and Dutch.


Sometimes some tourists are even afraid of them because, in addition to being tall, they are also very large. Women in Serbia are also very tall, their height starts at 173 cm. And if a typical Serbian woman wears heels, this figure will grow to 185 cm. So, if you are not big, then be prepared to meet many tall people. Some men like women who are taller than them, and others who are smaller, so it is up to you.

Guys They Like

First of all, Serbian ladies love Russian-speaking guys. If you are from Eastern Europe, possibly from Russia or Belarus, then you can have fun with these women. But this only applies to women who are over 30 because they are more conservative in any way and dream of dating people they know. But there are no restrictions on young Serbian women because they adore men from the West.

If you are from Western Europe or generally from America, then you can visit Serbia in search of the best bride. These women wear a Nike, buy the latest versions of their iPhones, and enjoy watching sex shows. But also these women have a special feature because they love dark men. If you are Italian, Portuguese, Hispanic or Latin American, then you may find it even easier to meet one of the Serbian girls.

Foreign men are very attractive to these women because they have many advantages over men from Serbia. Firstly, they are much more beautiful, which plays not the last role in the choice of Serbian women. Secondly, it is the desire of these women to travel because they are happy to travel to any other country in Europe. Serbian ladies also appreciate the kindness, honesty, and ability to make money in Western men. These women dream of creating a strong family with a foreign partner because they believe that happiness has no boundaries.

How to Date Them

You can even go one day to Belgrade and by the end of this day you can meet one of the most beautiful women from Serbia, but it takes a little effort. Even those men who have little experience with dating women will find ways to meet Serbian women dating. First, you need to bring a map of the city you are in and view and visit all the parks, cafes and bus stop. This will make it easier for you to navigate this city and meet the best women in these public places.

Once you meet a beautiful one of single Serbian women, you can walk over and ask her about a certain landmark. And then you can look at her reaction, depending on which reaction you would like to see.

If she is interested in your conversation and is not going to run anywhere, then you can ask her some more questions, tell her where you are from and where you are going. If things are going well, you can ask for her phone number and also ask for a date somewhere, such as a meal or a movie. The center of Belgrade is very nice and very good for walking, so it will never be a problem to go for a walk or to some convenient cafe.

Serbian women are very warm and open. They can even make you a guide to the sights of their city.

Where to Find Serbian Women

The best place to meet is one of the squares of such a beautiful city as Belgrade. There you can see many people who want to make friends with you. Serbian girls are very eager to meet a foreign man, so if you speak in English to one of the young singles then you will definitely get a phone number and a date. You can also visit Knez Mihailova Street, which is specially designed for pedestrians, and you can find these beauties there.

In fact, you can’t go wrong if you meet a woman downtown. Because this city is very compact and most women spend their free time there. There are so many cafes and restaurants out there and a woman will not be afraid to meet you in public. These women really aren’t in a hurry, so if a girl told you that there is no time, then most likely you have been refused. But if you’ve met one of the beautiful Serbian ladies, then don’t be afraid to come up and start a conversation.

In some countries, it is easier to approach women through eye contact, such as Russia or Ukraine. You will never be able to see eye contact in Serbia. So make no mistake and do not expect any eye contact to approach her.


Dating a Serbian woman is a very interesting process that needs special attention and patience. You can meet a woman in Serbia in any public places, such as parks, cafes and pedestrian streets. In order to invite these girls for a date, it is enough not to be afraid to come closer and do not have to wait for visual confirmation, otherwise, you will never receive it.

Women from Serbia are very good and single brides under 30 dream of meeting a man from America or Europe. You should not hesitate because dating in Serbia is probably the easiest dating because you can meet a woman in just one day.

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